I’ve taken photos for as long as I can remember, as early as four years old judging by the pictures I still have. My interest in photography, and the magical chemical process of creating a ghostly negative and committing the image on it to a piece of paper, dovetailed with my other interests, primarily music, art and books. I’ve always been drawn to and captured by portraits, even without being aware of it or having a conscious thought about that when shooting.


I said I would never protect you from my love.

That I would never allow my life, my love to be seen/treated as anything other than equal.

Never less than. More brilliant. More Kirby.



DON PYLE SHOT IN A MIRROR forthcoming from Midnight Mass Press

KIRBY POETRY IS QUEER out now from Palimpsest Press

02.03.2022 6pm


TAP Centre for Creativity • 203 Dundas Street • London ON

KIRBY Current: Poetry Is Queer (Palimpsest Press 2021), Not Your Best No 2 The Queer Ass Fuck Issue (editor, KFB, 2021), GUEST 16 “The Fangirl Issue” (aboveground 2021). Recent: What Do You Want To Be Called? (Anstruther Press, 2020), This Is Where I Get Off (Permanent Sleep, 2019). Purveyor of fine poetry at knife | fork | book. She is a professional homosexual.

“Cold showers never worked.”

DON PYLE is the drummer for Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and author of Trouble in the Camera Club. His new book, Shot in a Mirror is out soon from Midnight Mass Press. He also cuts at Town Barber. Instagram: @thedonpyle

“I’m just getting out of the tub, I’ll call you back.”

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