Winter fun[draising]

These past two winters, I read poems nightly as a way of staying connected through the pandemic, honing in on my craft, and hopefully a comfort of sorts to reader and listener.

This winter, we’re in the throes of raising funds for knife | fork | book, the press and mounting this year’s Fertile Festival of New & Inventive Ideas [11-20 August 2023 Remote Gallery Toronto] with Guest Curators Hoa Nguyen and Klara du Plessis.

During KFB’s fundraising drive, for every donation received, [either through Patreon or by scanning the code below], I’ll read a poem and post it on my Instagram in thanks.

You may also be aware of a series of staged readings, Behold, I’m giving to benefit KFB. Two of the six nights are SOLD OUT, with few tickets remaining.

Help us continue what we do with panache. Poetry. Well-served.

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