Full moon

from the set-list POETRY IS QUEER Toronto Launch BLACK EAGLE last night

The Full Moon of July 13 happens to be the biggest and brightest of all the Full Moons of 2022 — the ‘perigee’ supermoon!

Full moon. Black Eagle. Toronto. Last night. An encounter between particles resulting in exchange or transformation of energy. A perfect collision to launch the Purple Love Chunk.

It was well worth the wait.

Full moon, full receptive house, many familiars from treasured communities. My local. The street where I live.

To Carlos, Frank, the two Steve’s, and Jacob at the Eagle, Don Pyle serving music, Will Manning at the book table, Aimee & Jim at Palimpsest, and every face that shone back at me in attendance. “It has indeed been grand.”

Thanks for making it so.


NOTE: The audiobook for Poetry Is Queer (Palimpsest Press) is OUT TOMORROW read in its entirety by me, recorded by Don Pyle . I’ll include link here once it’s active.


My first gig in Toronto was a solo show at The Rivoli, GWM performed naked in a bathtub, followed by Anal Pleasures, at the Cabana Room on Spadina, premiering The Battle of the Flesh at The Music Gallery, a few stints at Rhubarb!, launching Cock & Soul at This Ain’t the Rosedale Library, sitting in bath towels at the Spa on Maitland passing poppers for The World is Fucked and Sometimes Beautiful, She’s Having A Doris Day in Kensington Market with CA, doing a “buddy-booth” sex tour on the streets of Montreal (This Is Where I Get Off), with go-go boys at KFB, launching PIQ with a ukulele band in Harbourville, Nova Scotia, and now thrilled to announce the Official Toronto Launch of my newest Poetry Is Queer at my local haunt on the street where I live, The Black Eagle. The Don Pyle will serving music, and yes, I’ll be serving up Kirby. All are welcome [19+] Come. Celebrate with me.









Yes, she’s 63 and having this much fun.

Thrilled to be a part of 10×10‘s 10th thanks to the brilliant photographer THOMAS BRASCH for making it really easy & pretty. And, the inclusion of my favourite line in PIQ, priceless.

Buy the book. Attend the reception/show.


Thanks to BRUCE KAUFFMAN, host of finding a voice CFRC 101.9fm for recording and posting our recent reading at Novel Idea, Kingston ON, along with other archival treasures to be enjoyed/downloaded.

June 3, 2022, 5-6pm – second hour of a two hour show, continuing with that May 25th Kingston book launch/reading at Novel Idea Bookstore you’ll then hear the remainder of that event with Sadiqa de Meijer reading from her books: Leaving Howe Island, The Outer Wards (Véhicule Press), and alfabet/alphabet (Palimpsest Press), Jim Johnstone reading from his Infinity Network (Véhicule Press), and Kirby from Poetry is Queer (Palimpsest Press).


London Days. Part Two.

London Days. Part Two. Everything you want on a successful roadtrip: Brilliant travel companions, Bee & Finner. A killer used bookshop with a 1/2 price basement sale. An invite to a famous local artist’s home to peruse through her work while devouring hot chocolate buns. A cordial host in a stunning downtown performance space. An expert in-house technician, Jack. A full-house of old friends and new friends. Two dear friends sharing portraits of lives that touched them, including each other. A warm reception. Michael Gira guiding us through a snow squall home.

Thanks to our hosts Kevin Heslop (42×81) and the team at TAP. To Emma & booksellers at the Attic. I love Angie V. Quick. The publishers at Rose Garden. David, Shane, Karen and all who held space with us. And my beloved friend Don Pyle, so glad we’re here to do this thing.


Caitlin, I am overjoyed to be Shaking the Sheets beside you. To more laundry & issues! – Kirby

London days. Part One.

London Days. Part One. Travelling with dear poet/friend JESSICA JOY HIEMSTRA to visit Baseline Press publisher, KAREN SCHINDLER who recently realized Jessica’s new chapbook for Exile Editions, The Thinking Heart: The Etty Drawings (1983-1984) celebrating the work of artist, Claire Wilks (to be launched at KFB this spring). Then we hooked up with artist/friend ANGIE V. QUICK (in the current issue of NOT YOUR BEST) who had some work up at Westland Gallery followed by coffee at the Black Walnut and this glorious croissant topped/filled with the most decadent cream (apropos).


I’ve taken photos for as long as I can remember, as early as four years old judging by the pictures I still have. My interest in photography, and the magical chemical process of creating a ghostly negative and committing the image on it to a piece of paper, dovetailed with my other interests, primarily music, art and books. I’ve always been drawn to and captured by portraits, even without being aware of it or having a conscious thought about that when shooting.


I said I would never protect you from my love.

That I would never allow my life, my love to be seen/treated as anything other than equal.

Never less than. More brilliant. More Kirby.



DON PYLE SHOT IN A MIRROR forthcoming from Midnight Mass Press

KIRBY POETRY IS QUEER out now from Palimpsest Press

02.03.2022 6pm


TAP Centre for Creativity • 203 Dundas Street • London ON

KIRBY Current: Poetry Is Queer (Palimpsest Press 2021), Not Your Best No 2 The Queer Ass Fuck Issue (editor, KFB, 2021), GUEST 16 “The Fangirl Issue” (aboveground 2021). Recent: What Do You Want To Be Called? (Anstruther Press, 2020), This Is Where I Get Off (Permanent Sleep, 2019). Purveyor of fine poetry at knife | fork | book. She is a professional homosexual. poetryisqueer.com

“Cold showers never worked.”

DON PYLE is the drummer for Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and author of Trouble in the Camera Club. His new book, Shot in a Mirror is out soon from Midnight Mass Press. He also cuts at Town Barber. Instagram: @thedonpyle

“I’m just getting out of the tub, I’ll call you back.”


It started with a book. And then, a card.* Some online lovin’. Email exchanges. A plan, with a ticket to ride.

All I know is I wanted to sit with the poet who wrote alfabet/alphabet & she in turn wanted to meet me.

We didn’t have to wait for a reading, or a panel, or any such thing. “Let’s plan an afternoon stroll.” A simple day trip.

And, we did.

Thank you Sadiqa.

*I carry to this day

“Survival is the least of my desires.”

DOROTHY ALLISON. SKIN. Early lifesaver. Revisited. Often. Must read.

Recording in progress

Yes, I’m going into the studio this month to record the complete/unabridged audiobook for Poetry Is Queer.

Not just any recording studio, but legendary musician/producer/photographer/author DON PYLE, drummer for Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet (of Kids in the Hall fame, including its upcoming season), composer for film/TV (recently Baroness Von Sketch Show), and producer and/or engineer with releases by The Sadies, Iggy Pop, Peaches, The Two Koreas, Andre Williams, John Doe, and others and recent albums by Tied To The Branches, Soupcans and Legato Vipers.

His new photography book, Shot In A Mirror is out this winter as one of the debut titles for the new Midnight Mass Press, publisher Matt Finner.

Don & I will be ‘in concert’ together at 48×81  March 2, 2022.

Special Thanks to Aimee at Palimpsest Press for green-lighting this project. Aiming for Spring 2022 release.

“How was Vancouver?”

A full house at the wonderful Massy Arts Space, w/an extraordinary line-up, KYLA JAMIESON, TOLU OLORUNTOBA, ADÈLE BARCLAY, [myself], to celebrate the launch of dear friend/poet NEIL SURKAN’s newest from McGill-Queens UP, Unbecoming. A joyous exchange. Thrilled at the good fortune to have been able to go, support. Thanks to all who came (and bought books!). Special thanks to Neil, Stephen Collis, Lucas Crawford, & Tolu for reaching out, spending time, showing me the sights. Good company.