It’s delightful, It’s delicious, it’s delectable, It’s delirious
It’s dilemma, it’s de-limit, it’s deluxe
It’s de-lovely

– Cole Porter

KIRBY POETRY IS QUEER [Palimpsest Press]

Produced and recorded by DON PYLE

Complete. Unabridged. Read by the author.


Recording in progress

Yes, I’m going into the studio this month to record the complete/unabridged audiobook for Poetry Is Queer.

Not just any recording studio, but legendary musician/producer/photographer/author DON PYLE, drummer for Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet (of Kids in the Hall fame, including its upcoming season), composer for film/TV (recently Baroness Von Sketch Show), and producer and/or engineer with releases by The Sadies, Iggy Pop, Peaches, The Two Koreas, Andre Williams, John Doe, and others and recent albums by Tied To The Branches, Soupcans and Legato Vipers.

His new photography book, Shot In A Mirror is out this winter as one of the debut titles for the new Midnight Mass Press, publisher Matt Finner.

Don & I will be ‘in concert’ together at 48×81  March 2, 2022.

Special Thanks to Aimee at Palimpsest Press for green-lighting this project. Aiming for Spring 2022 release.