London Days. Part Two.

London Days. Part Two. Everything you want on a successful roadtrip: Brilliant travel companions, Bee & Finner. A killer used bookshop with a 1/2 price basement sale. An invite to a famous local artist’s home to peruse through her work while devouring hot chocolate buns. A cordial host in a stunning downtown performance space. An expert in-house technician, Jack. A full-house of old friends and new friends. Two dear friends sharing portraits of lives that touched them, including each other. A warm reception. Michael Gira guiding us through a snow squall home.

Thanks to our hosts Kevin Heslop (42×81) and the team at TAP. To Emma & booksellers at the Attic. I love Angie V. Quick. The publishers at Rose Garden. David, Shane, Karen and all who held space with us. And my beloved friend Don Pyle, so glad we’re here to do this thing.

London days. Part One.

London Days. Part One. Travelling with dear poet/friend JESSICA JOY HIEMSTRA to visit Baseline Press publisher, KAREN SCHINDLER who recently realized Jessica’s new chapbook for Exile Editions, The Thinking Heart: The Etty Drawings (1983-1984) celebrating the work of artist, Claire Wilks (to be launched at KFB this spring). Then we hooked up with artist/friend ANGIE V. QUICK (in the current issue of NOT YOUR BEST) who had some work up at Westland Gallery followed by coffee at the Black Walnut and this glorious croissant topped/filled with the most decadent cream (apropos).