London Days. Part Two.

London Days. Part Two. Everything you want on a successful roadtrip: Brilliant travel companions, Bee & Finner. A killer used bookshop with a 1/2 price basement sale. An invite to a famous local artist’s home to peruse through her work while devouring hot chocolate buns. A cordial host in a stunning downtown performance space. An expert in-house technician, Jack. A full-house of old friends and new friends. Two dear friends sharing portraits of lives that touched them, including each other. A warm reception. Michael Gira guiding us through a snow squall home.

Thanks to our hosts Kevin Heslop (42×81) and the team at TAP. To Emma & booksellers at the Attic. I love Angie V. Quick. The publishers at Rose Garden. David, Shane, Karen and all who held space with us. And my beloved friend Don Pyle, so glad we’re here to do this thing.


I’ve taken photos for as long as I can remember, as early as four years old judging by the pictures I still have. My interest in photography, and the magical chemical process of creating a ghostly negative and committing the image on it to a piece of paper, dovetailed with my other interests, primarily music, art and books. I’ve always been drawn to and captured by portraits, even without being aware of it or having a conscious thought about that when shooting.


I said I would never protect you from my love.

That I would never allow my life, my love to be seen/treated as anything other than equal.

Never less than. More brilliant. More Kirby.



DON PYLE SHOT IN A MIRROR forthcoming from Midnight Mass Press

KIRBY POETRY IS QUEER out now from Palimpsest Press

02.03.2022 6pm


TAP Centre for Creativity • 203 Dundas Street • London ON

KIRBY Current: Poetry Is Queer (Palimpsest Press 2021), Not Your Best No 2 The Queer Ass Fuck Issue (editor, KFB, 2021), GUEST 16 “The Fangirl Issue” (aboveground 2021). Recent: What Do You Want To Be Called? (Anstruther Press, 2020), This Is Where I Get Off (Permanent Sleep, 2019). Purveyor of fine poetry at knife | fork | book. She is a professional homosexual.

“Cold showers never worked.”

DON PYLE is the drummer for Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and author of Trouble in the Camera Club. His new book, Shot in a Mirror is out soon from Midnight Mass Press. He also cuts at Town Barber. Instagram: @thedonpyle

“I’m just getting out of the tub, I’ll call you back.”