Full moon

from the set-list POETRY IS QUEER Toronto Launch BLACK EAGLE last night

The Full Moon of July 13 happens to be the biggest and brightest of all the Full Moons of 2022 — the ‘perigee’ supermoon!

Full moon. Black Eagle. Toronto. Last night. An encounter between particles resulting in exchange or transformation of energy. A perfect collision to launch the Purple Love Chunk.

It was well worth the wait.

Full moon, full receptive house, many familiars from treasured communities. My local. The street where I live.

To Carlos, Frank, the two Steve’s, and Jacob at the Eagle, Don Pyle serving music, Will Manning at the book table, Aimee & Jim at Palimpsest, and every face that shone back at me in attendance. “It has indeed been grand.”

Thanks for making it so.


NOTE: The audiobook for Poetry Is Queer (Palimpsest Press) is OUT TOMORROW read in its entirety by me, recorded by Don Pyle . I’ll include link here once it’s active.

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